SOLAR Power Scoreboards


If customers does not  have  ability  to  have  120v AC power   Generator, 12 v  DC  or  Solar is an option.
Running   AC  power  lines  can  be  very  expensive and  SOLAR  is  a  great  solution to  power  your  scoreboard. Solar panels come in either 340  or  360 WATT  power  source. Solar panels need  to  face  SOUTH  for  best  charging amperage

12 V DC Marine Deep Cycle Batterys Recommended

It  is  recommended  to  use model 29 marine deep cycle batterys. Depending on gthe  power requirements of  the  LEDs depend on  the  length of  time  a new  fuly charged  battery  will  last.
Rental scoreboards can  be  equipped  with  DC  batterys  or  SOLAR systems. SOLAR is not  used  for  full  color  LED adveritsing  signs.

Solar Display

Single  solar  panel measures about 4x8 ft. Customers in  the  south as  well  as  in  the  cold  north  have  solar scoreboards. Places like New Jersey, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Detroit.