Scoreboard KITS

Scoreboard KITS

We  have  built  individul component modules  so our  clients can build  their own Scoreboards. We supply  ALL necessary parts for  installing on clients sites. Build  your  own  Scoreboard.

Build Your Own Scoreboard

For  those  mechanically  inclined   you  can now  build  your  own metal  frame  and scoreboard  at  you  location..
A typical football  scoreboard KIT  with  nine (9)  18  inch  digits measures  5  ft x 10 ft  sells  for $ 3,990

KITS Include

Scoreboard Kits  come  with  all  the necessary parts  needed  for building  your  scoreboard
Parts that you  get ...depending on  the  Scoreboard  
digit  size  the  following:
Custom US  made LED digits
Digit  sizes   are: 10  18 and  24  inch  digits. Digits  made  in  Sarasota Florida
ALL  digits  are  made  in  our  Sarasota  Florida USA   location
18  inch Digits  get 19 1/2  inch  vertical tubes
Horizontal structural bars  come  8 ft  10  or 12 ft lengths. depending on  the  length of  the  scoreboard
3x2 x1/4  inch  angle  for attaching  to  poles
wiring 12  ga.  stranded wiring

wiring  connectors
Cat5 comunication cables
Processor: US  made Processor  board  with RF modem  attached ....for  controlling  the  scoreboard  digits
Bus  Bar to  distribute  the  12vdc power

 1 1/2 x 2 inch Aluminum Angle  bars  to  hold  the  digits in  place
scoreboards  that  get  solar  systems
350  watt  solar  panel

Solar  charge  controller

Installation drawings
Controller  board
Hand Held or Tablet Controller

Hand Held Controller  comes  with power  battery  that  last  up  to  50  hrs on  fully charged  battery. wireless  antenns  build inside the  hand held controller
1/2 inch Nuts   bolts   and  hanging  brackets

Red  plastic  lexan  covers
Metal screws  

.040 aluminum metal  skins front  and  back