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Windows Laptop Controller

If customers requires Windows  Lap Top software  we  also  provide this  application when  requested. Laptop software  requires Wireless  RF  transmitter

Hand Held Battery powered Wireless Controller

Newest  version of  our US  made  Wireless  battery powered  controllers   Battery  last  on  new  charge  up  to  50  hours. Uses  standard  USB  charging. 

Controller Display your decision

Our  customers decide on  the  Controller  style  they  want  to  use. Hand Held portable  wireless controller  or  Lap Top wireless  RF  controller. For  the  customer  that  requires wireless  
FULL  COLOR video  transmission  up to  400  feet  we  have  special wireless receivers and  transmitters


Lap top Wireless controllers using  USB  or  Serial connections. USB plugs into the  laptop USB port.
Newest Hand Held wireless  battery powered controller.
LED rental Trailer with  full  color  signage can come  with wireless controllers capable of reaching 400 feet  away.
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