LED ScoreBoards like no other

Scoreboards like no other in the industry

 Not your standard scoreboard
ALL components  are  made  right  here  in  Florida. Female owned with designers and  engineers who served in the US Army,  Marine and Coastguard personnel  working. Aluminum Scoreboard cabinets are made as 2  digit modules that  connect  together to  make  any  combination
Cat 5   and  Cat6 Communication cabling  is  industry standard C5 cable. Power   cables  made  of  12 ga. stranded  copper  wiring.
 LED trailer Rental can design your electronic scoreboard, matrix display or Full Color LED scoreboard using our designs or custom to your design. LED Trailer Rentals we can manufacture single color,  or full color matrix. All wireless scoreboards come with our STANDARD RF, radio frequency wireless scoreboards using either Windows OS tablet controller or our newest hand held wireless battery powered controller, no extra wiring to worry about. When 120-volt power is a problem, choose our battery power scoreboards, Solar powered scoreboards and wireless controller. We use wireless scoreboards smart device controllers for ease of use and compactness.  Just  introduced the  newest  wireless controller  system that  transmits up  to  600 feet  distance. 

 LED trailer Rental sales provided nationwide for every sports event. NFL scoreboard, ESPN scoreboard, college football scoreboard,  NBA scoreboard, KHSAA scoreboard, NCAA football scoreboard, college scoreboard, PGA tour scoreboard, ESPN college football scoreboard, ESPN NFL scoreboard, baseball scoreboard, college basketball scoreboard, basketball scoreboards, CBS scoreboard, NCAA basketball scoreboard, LPGA scoreboard, high school scoreboard and many more. LED Trailer Rentals also builds battery powered  scoreboards, solar powered  scoreboards, fixed  scoreboards and portable scoreboards.   

 Our fully custom LED scoreboards come with different size digits. Starting with 10-inch, 18-inch and 24-inch. 7 segment. 90% of our scoreboards come with RF wireless controllers, using windows OS tablets or our newest hand held battery powered controllers. They are machine soldered, displaying several rows of LED’s for a wider looking digits. 24  inch  digits  have  360 LED bulbs  each,  18 inch  digits have  203 LED  bulbs  each, for  super brightness. Electronic Scoreboards Sponsor panels may be any size and can added to any side of the scoreboard. Powder Coat Finish–The finishing touches of our LED scoreboard, timer clocks, and electronic scoreboard comes with our unique frame design and quality powder coat paint. Several finishes available on powder coat.We build every type of scoreboard. Digital football scoreboards, electronic football Scoreboards, LED football scoreboards, digital baseball scoreboards, electronic baseball scoreboards, LED baseball scoreboards, digital tennis scoreboards, digital cricket scoreboards, digital basketball scoreboards, LED basketball scoreboards,soccer scoreboards. LED soccer scoreboards, LED hockey scoreboards and more. If you need to keep score we can build it! LED Trailer Rentals custom builds scoreboards for ANY event including, but not limited to Basketball, Baseball, Football, Volleyball, Swimming, Hockey, Soccer, Tennis, Cricket and more! Scoreboard rentals uses ONLY  aluminum frames